Product Code: 00413006
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Probiotic night therapy oxygen anti wrinkle cream

Velvety and silk-soft face serum, enriched with highly concentrated active ingredients. The YOGURT probiotic, natural Bulgarian rose oil, creatine and hyaluronic acid are responsible for protecting the skin and retaining its youthful freshness. 

The YOGURT probiotic is synthesized from live bacterial cells of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and is isolated using hi-tech processes. It has the amazing ability to regenerate tissues and stimulate skin metabolism processes. The Bulgarian rose oil guarantees the intensely nourishing and energizing effect. Hyaluronic acid restores water balance and skin elasticity.  

The serum is a care providing real pleasure with its delicate and delightful scent and fresh texture.  Day after day wrinkles are reduced; skin surface is smoother and regains its luster.